We love summer. Sun kissed faces, eating outside, long days, warm nights, and most of all the colorful flavors of the season. Our summer menu brings you a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, melons, plums, sweet Brentwood corn, peaches and peppers.

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Sustainable, local, non GMO, organic, the list goes on, so what matters most? What matters most to us is creating delicious meals that support healthy lifestyles. People come to Mixt to eat nutrient-rich, whole foods that taste great. That’s what makes us different.

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From friends and family to farmers and employees, we’re keeping busy. We just turned ten and are celebrating with a brand new look and a custom app. We are also announcing a number of new openings and menu updates, so stay tuned.

Meet Our Future Chefs

These young chefs taught us a thing or two on their visit to Mixt.

Newest Baby

We’re spreading our roots from NorCal to SoCal. Kearny Street is now open.

We’re Honored

Mixing Up Our Game: Learn More about Mixt's Re-brand

What A Sweety

We had a chance to chat with G&S Farms, purveyor of our sweet summer Brentwood corn

Peachy Keen

Another season brings a new crop of offerings. Here’s our new Summer menu.

What’s Cookin'

This sweet corn and tomato salad is one of Chef Andrew Swallow’s summertime favorites