It’s autumn and our salads are dressed with as many flavor-packed ingredients as the layers you’ll be wearing this fall. If you’re seeking better, tastier bites that fit the way you want to eat, MIXT makes it simple. Going meatless? Mull over the Woodstock, a gourd-geous salad spiked with homemade spiced granola. Avoiding gluten? Make it an Achiote and savor our new twist on grilled chicken. Eating adventurously? With as many twists and turns as the windiest street in SF, the Lombard is the salad for you. So, whether you decide to keto-chop the carbs out of your diet, get back to your paleo roots, or simply fill up on something healthy(ish), MIXT has a bowl (or Market Plate) for you. Let’s dig in to fall!

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Sustainable, local, non GMO, organic, the list goes on, so what matters most? What matters most to us is creating delicious meals that support a better way of eating. We obsess the details to create nutrient-rich, whole foods that taste great. That’s what makes us different.

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We are thrilled to announce that MIXT is now a Certified B Corporation®. Read more about why we made this important commitment to the future.

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