July 7, 2023

You are heard! The MIXT app designed with you in mind.


Finally, an app that fits your needs like a glove. That’s no coincidence! You spoke, we listened. So, when you’re using our new app and you’re thinking “I feel seen,” that’s because we turned all your valuable comments into app features!

The new MIXT app is seamless, easy to customize your order as if you’re standing in the restaurant talking to a person. Our app allows you to intuitively swap out an ingredient at no extra charge, get your salad dressed exactly how you like it, easily create a custom salad with ingredient visuals and clear pricing, and many more benefits.

If all that’s not enough, you can effortlessly look at the MIXT Rewards you have on the home page and with the push of a button apply them to your order. No more searching emails for codes or trying to find them hidden in the depths of technology. We want you to use your MIXT Rewards as often as you earn them. In fact, when you download the app, your new account will have a $5 welcome Reward.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Delivery tracking in real time
  • An easy way to save your favorite MIXT orders
  • A clear path to earn MIXT Rewards with 4 points for every dollar spent
  • Double point days
  • Exclusive offers like a free cookie or drink, free ingredient add-ons, $10 off, and more – all of this is just a little taste of the happy relationship we’ll build through the MIXT app
  • Group ordering. Simplify your next event, work lunch, or dinner with friends with group ordering. Pick-up or delivery, everyone adds their meal with a link. Order online and select group order. Send your link around. Review, pay, and place your order when everyone has submitted their selections. Individually labeled, and customized to everyone’s liking. And whoever takes the lead, gets the reward points.

Seriously-craveable salads in a seriously-straightforward, rewarding app.