October 25, 2023

Seriously crave-a-bowl

Bachan x MIXT

MIXT Launches Collaboration with Cult Sauce Sensation, Bachan’s
MIXT has launched its new warm bowls and we’re taking it to the next level by collaborating with a foodie cult favorite and fellow category pioneer, Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce. The partnership between the two is as organic as both brands’ shared food values.

Leslie Silverglide, our groundbreaking, health-focused MIXT CEO and co-founder, and MIXT chef, Matt Colgan, approached this season’s menu development as a time to introduce new flavors and bring warm dishes to the MIXT menu. Japanese flavors were a high priority and what ultimately led MIXT to Bachan’s. Additionally, Mediterranean and Mexican flavors round out the rest of the brand-new warm bowl offering at MIXT.

On top of the other obvious similarities, MIXT and Bachan’s stars aligned through their shared hometown roots. Both are Bay Area food success stories – MIXT began in San Francisco in 2006 and Bachan’s in Sonoma County’s Sebastopol in 2019, a semi-rural suburb of San Francisco.

Bachan’s focus on clean, simple ingredients allows the brand to stay true to founder Justin Gill’s multi-generational family recipe. Gill named the company after his bachan (a Japanese-American term of endearment for grandma) who taught him the family recipe. Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauces have taken the country by storm in a relatively short period of time. Robust, authentic, and on-trend flavors, like Bachan’s, get chef Matt Colgan excited to pair with new MIXT creations.

“I started playing around with different ingredients to bring alive flavors in our new warm bowls and when it came to Bachan’s, it was the perfect match. It added so much to our already flavor-forward bowls,” says Colgan. “I see why it’s such a consumer favorite. It truly has a brightness and umami that is magic when you add it to the bowl.”

Bachan’s namesake bowl is served with crispy chicken or organic house-marinated tofu, warm cilantro lime organic brown rice from Lundberg Family Farms, arugula, avocado, edamame, cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, and scallions, finished with a ginger sesame drizzle and a drizzle of Bachan’s Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce

“This is our first partnership in the restaurant space for Bachan’s and we’re thrilled to partner with a company with such similar values,” says Gill. “We both prioritize clean eating and wholesome ingredients and know that when you’re using the best ingredients you can let them shine on their own without clutter. We don’t take shortcuts and it’s about being true to our family recipe and creating products that over-deliver in the flavor department. I know MIXT genuinely understands and appreciates this and that excites me.”

The seasonal fall menu, along with the launch of the warm bowls is available in all MIXT locations.