Our Story


Leslie, David, and Drew were coming back from an epic powder day on the mountain in Tahoe when the conversation changed from great turns to great food. The frustration over the lack of delicious, healthy, high-quality casual restaurants spurred a big idea, and from there, in 2006, MIXT was born.

Although some say family and business don’t mix, they knew right from the start they stumbled upon something great — long lines formed, people talked and a movement began.

“To me, great food is food that tastes delicious, makes you feel good, and gives you the energy and nutrients necessary to be healthy. Our goal at MIXT is to serve as many people as possible great food everyday.”

- Drew


When it comes to great food, we don’t think you should have to choose between fast and healthy.

And that’s just the beginning. What we do with our ingredients is where our chef-roots show. Each signature salad is meticulously crafted—developed after months of testing flavor profiles and preparation methods. We spend weeks perfecting our signature salads, not just because we want them to taste great and highlight the season’s best flavors but because a salad is more than just a bunch of ingredients tossed together. It should be a well-balanced nutrient-rich meal that brings a smile to your face.

Even though we lovingly labor over our salads, grain bowls, and market plates, we also make it easy for you to do your own thing. Step up to the counter and let your senses guide you to a custom meal that tastes great and feels even better.


“We're proud to play a big role in creating lasting change for environmental sustainability in restaurants, but we believe we can push boundaries even further. This is the approach we take to everything we do. From employee benefits to the food we serve, we're constantly raising the bar.”

- Leslie


From sprout to plate, we’re all about offering smart, healthy, on-the-go
people, smart, healthy, on-the-go food.


What matters most to us is creating delicious meals that support healthy lifestyles. That means a MIXT meal of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fats, and proteins—all of which you should be able to say and spell. We believe in serving whole, honest, pure foods that make you feel good.


We want people to find purpose at our company, so we promote from within and nurture our employees to be their best and grow professionally. We also believe that great ideas and friendships are formed around a delicious meal, that’s why we provide MIXT meals for our employees every day.


We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We serve the best available products, only sourcing from farms and purveyors we trust. That means pesticides, chemicals, and GMO's stay out of our recipes, so we can focus on the good stuff and believe that comes through in every meal we create.


We know what we eat impacts the earth as much as ourselves, so sustainability is at the core of everything we touch, make and do— even if it negatively impacts our bottom line. We’re not just dedicated to being “green,” we’re passionate about protecting the natural systems that sustain us— a philosophy we hope is shared with our customers.



Number of times our most loyal customers eat MIXT per month


Local ingredients sourced


of waste diverted from landfills

3 years

Average length of employment with the company

4 out of 5

store managers promoted from within

> 1,000,000

pounds of local, sustainable and organic vegetables served per year