The short answer is: YES!

MIXT is growing in California, Arizona, and Texas with our newest locations now open in Oakland, San Ramon, Silver Lake, and Dallas. In the new locations, we offer wine, beer and our most buzzed-about dinner option: MIXT Plates. These seasonal, chef-created combinations feature roasted and grilled meats paired with a signature sauce and your choice of two warm side dishes that change with the seasons.

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Our restaurants do have both indoor and outdoor seating, but make sure to arrive early to get the table you want!

Yes! You can purchase a gift card in any denomination up to $200 at any one of our restaurant locations. At this time, we do not offer eGift Cards and you cannot purchase gift cards online.

All our packaging is made with either P.E.T. – which is recyclable or a P.L.A. resin derived from plants – which is compostable.

Our goal is to divert as much as possible from landfills so please look at the recycling symbol on the package for proper disposal or use our signs in stores for a little help.

Yes! Be sure to download the MIXT app on the Apple Store or on Google Play so you can earn rewards every time you dine at one of our restaurants. Simply register your debit and credit cards on your Rewards account in the app and we’ll track your rewards for you. You can also sign online here.

Yes we do! Check out our sister restaurant Split for the most finger licking real food out there!

When we started MIXT, we set out to create an experience that we felt was missing: great quality, healthy food for people on the go. It turns out, a lot of people thought this was a good idea, too. As a result, we tend to get pretty busy. We try our best to expedite the process without skipping out on quality and service.

A few easy ways to avoid the line are:

  • Order online and pick up in-store. When you order from Mixt.com, you can pick up your freshly-prepared meal within minutes in the to-go case at your closest store. There’s no minimum, no line, full credit to your MIXT Rewards account and minimal lead time. Try it and let us know what you think!
  • Grab a salad from the pre-made case. We prepare our top-selling salads, grain bowls daily to save you time if you haven’t pre-ordered online.
  • Stop by during our off-peak times (typically before noon or after 1:30 pm). We love it when we have the time to help you select the ultimate customized salad or tell you a little bit more about our seasonal ingredients.

Also, keep in mind, the line moves more quickly than you might think!

MIXT sources fresh, high-quality produce from farmers that we know and meticulously prepares all ingredients (dressings, roasted vegetables, responsibly-sourced grilled meats, you name it!) from scratch in our kitchens. Our mission is to make it easy for guests to enjoy a delicious, high-quality, seasonal, and nutrient-rich meal. That sometimes means our costs are higher to produce the delicious salads, grain bowls, and plates we offer. We take a lot of care in making your food and we’re told that this attention to quality stands out among all the other fast casual restaurants that have joined the scene since we started in 2006.


Delivery minimums range from $100-$150 (pre-tax subtotal).

NEW: There is no pick-up minimum.

Input your address in our ordering section for more details.

Given the volume of demand at MIXT, we are not able to handle the delivery of smaller orders – trust us, we wish we could! If you have a delivery order that does not meet the minimum, please use one of our partner sites such as Caviar or Doordash. You can always pick up orders of any size at any MIXT location.

SF Bay Area: Daily, 10:30am-9pm

LA: Daily, 10:30pm-9pm

DALLAS:  M-F, 10:30am-9pm

* Please allow for a 30-minute delivery window (15 minutes on either side of your delivery time).

Delivery orders can be placed up to a month in advance all the way up to the day of your event.  For day-of orders, there is no cutoff time, but placing delivery orders at least 24 hours in advance is highly recommended to ensure we can meet your order requirements.

We ask for approximately 1 hour lead-time to make your order and an additional 15-30 minutes to make the delivery. The online ordering platform is updated in real-time, so please check your location’s available times for the most accurate information.

We highly encourage you to place your order as far in advance as possible to ensure availability!

The restaurant you selected does not have any availability at that time or the lead time is not long enough for the size of your order. Please select another delivery time.

If you are close to a MIXT location, we offer orders for pick up in-store with no lines, no minimums and pick-up times that are updated in real time. We also have pre-made grab-and-go salads available at all of our locations.

You can also try our delivery partners:

We do not take phone, fax, or email orders.

They’re our third-party ordering and delivery partners. They have no daily cutoff times or minimum order size, but they do charge a delivery and service fee.

SF Bay Area:

Los Angeles:


    MIXT now delivers in select areas until 9 pm daily via Caviar, UberEats or Doordash.

    Our sister restaurant, Split also offers many of our signature salads (in addition to awesome sandwiches and burgers). They deliver during dinnertime and on weekends in San Francisco.

    We charge a variable delivery fee for all orders that meet our delivery minimum. Please enter your order on our website to calculate your exact delivery fee.

    MIXT Rover is MIXT on wheels. Our mobile salad truck delivers pre-ordered salads to Dropspots in San Francisco for pick up at pre-set times every day. Visit mixtrover.com to learn more!

    LEVI’S PLAZA 11:30am – 12:10pm
    Battery St. & Levi’s Plaza

    SOUTH PARK 12:30pm-1:10pm
    South Park St. & 2nd St.


    The fastest way to get in touch with our customer service team is to email us at hello@mixt.com. We will respond as soon as possible to help you!

    All orders must be placed online through our website here or through one of our partners:

    SF Bay Area:

    Los Angeles:


        Our dressings are always delivered on the side to ensure that your salad stays fresh.

        All customizations must be made when you place your order online. After selecting an item, click “Customize” for more options. If you’d like to edit the item after it’s been added to your cart, click “Edit” on the right-hand bar.

        * We cannot accept any modifications that are not included on our website.  The easiest way to modify one of our signature salads beyond one substitution is to select the “Design Your Own” option when ordering and customize it exactly how you want it!

        Please find the confirmation email you received after placing your order and follow the instructions to cancel your order. Same-day orders cannot be canceled.

        If your order is for the next day (or later), please cancel your order and place a new one with the corrections or additions using your order history to repeat the order. Unfortunately existing orders cannot be modified (it is a limitation of our ordering system), and same-day orders cannot be canceled or modified.

        Adding to or modifying existing orders is our most frequently requested feature. We are working hard to make this available!

        If you already have an account and can’t sign in, reset your password here.

        Or you can create a new account by clicking here.

        Please make sure your food sub-total before taxes is at least $150 for deliveries.

        Other common issues:

        Double-check that you’re ordering from the correct location by entering your address into our online ordering system.

        Check your delivery address zip code.

        Check your credit card information and billing address.

        To minimize mistakes, please add a credit card by going to “My Account” in the top right corner, and then to “Payment Cards.” You can then click “Current Order” in the top right corner to finish checking out.

        Some locations require the addition of a suite or apartment number to be recognized in our system.  If your building has multiple units, try entering your address in the format below:


        333 Bush Street, Unit 4206

        Where ‘333 Bush Street’ is the Street address and ‘4206’ is your unit number.

        If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our customer service team at hello@mixt.com.


        MIXT’s Culinary Director, Matt Colgan,  creates MIXT’s eco-gourmet® menu. Chef Colgan joined MIXT in 2019 as Culinary Director after an acclaimed 20-year career in the culinary world. Starting as a cook and dishwasher at age 14, Chef Colgan went on to receive a BA at UC Santa Cruz and train in Europe with an extended stay at L’Albergaccio Restaurant in the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

        A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Chef Colgan brought his experience back home as the Executive Chef of À Côté Restaurant in Oakland, CA for 15 years. While at À Côté, the restaurant was a regular on the San Francisco Chronicle’s annual Top 100 Bay Area restaurants list and Colgan was recognized as a Rising Star Chef. He went on to open other concepts in the Bay Area, including Rumbo al Sur and The Chapel. Prior to joining MIXT, Chef Colgan oversaw Google’s food and beverage program in the western United States, where he and his team fed more than 13,000 employees fresh, seasonal, nutrient-rich food daily.

        As Culinary Director for MIXT, Chef Colgan is excited to bring his approach to MIXT’s mission to help everyone eat better: cook with high-quality, seasonal ingredients, then infuse those ingredients with respect and love to bring out irresistible flavor.

        We source our ingredients from dozens of different farms in each region where our restaurants are located. The mix of farms is constantly shifting to guarantee we get the highest quality and freshest produce available at any particular time. Our culinary director dedicates his time to sampling, tasting, and meeting with purveyors regularly to ensure we are serving our customers the best!

        At MIXT, we change our menu seasonally. Four times a year, we identify the best ingredients that each season has to offer and integrate them into our menu. We source most of these locally to ensure we serve the highest quality ingredients available while minimizing our impact on the environment.  We only want to serve ingredients when they are at their peak and don’t want ingredients to travel half way around the world to reach us. Plus, it keeps our menu fresh and full of surprises for you!

        As a result, we remove a handful of ingredients from our menu when not in season. As sad as it is to say goodbye to grilled corn, garden peas, and brussels sprouts at the end of a season – we get even more excited to bring them back when the time is right and they taste their best.

        Please visit this page for nutrition information

        Nothing we serve can be technically labeled as gluten free, since it’s all prepared in-house and our restaurants do prepare items that contain gluten. We make several items without gluten, but they could contain trace amounts.

        Yes, many of our dressings are designated dairy-free. See our dressing information here.

        Many of our other items can be made dairy-free by eliminating certain ingredients. See our full menu.

        Most salads can be made vegan by substituting the dressing or by removing dairy or proteins. Our Be Well and Falaf salads are great vegan choices from our chef-designed menu.

        Nothing we serve can be technically labeled as gluten free, since it’s all prepared in-house and our restaurants do prepare items that contain gluten. We do make several items without gluten, but they could contain trace amounts.

        Dairy-free and vegan dressings are denoted on our menu. We highlight items made with honey for folks who do not consider it vegan.

        MIXT prepares wheat, eggs, soybeans, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, and fish in-house. Our operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas and the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products. We are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.


        It would be our pleasure to help you put together a menu that will meet your needs. Please email us at hello@mixt.com with the number of people attending, preference for sandwiches or salads or plates, and any dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, etc.). We’ll provide you with creative options for your event and then you can place the order online.

        Yes, if you would like. Otherwise, our chefs are very good about creating a variety for you.  If you need a specific amount of a certain sandwich due to dietary issues, please email us at hello@mixt.com.

        Yes. When you order online, you will be asked if you need plates, utensils, and napkins. However, if your event does have reusable plates and utensils, we encourage using these to be even more environmentally friendly.

        CONTACT US

        Still have questions? We are happy to help! The fastest ways to get in touch with our customer service team is to email us at hello@mixt.com.