July 10, 2020


California Avocados LogoIt’s probably no surprise that avocados are BY FAR the single most requested additions to any of our salads, bowls, and plates. As a result, finding the freshest, most delicious fruit (yup, fruit) is a high priority! We are proud to source our Hass Avocados, which Chef Matt enthusiastically describes as “always sweet, creamy, and delicious,” from San Diego-based Del Rey Avocado Company.

As a B-Corp, MIXT practices what we call “Planet Based Living.” We don’t only want people to eat a more plant-based diet, but we want to inspire actions that help sustain the health of our planet—now and for the future. We want to work with partners like family-owned Del Rey.

“The earth is the cornerstone of life and everything we do. We must do what we can to be good stewards of the land for future generations.” 

Del Rey has supported the avocado industry in creating and using the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) programs to ensure that food safety remains a priority in the avocado industry. The company is also active in their community supporting multiple organizations with product, people (volunteers), and financial donations.

A few fun facts about California avocados:

It takes 14 to 18 months to grow a single California Avocado.
• One California Avocado tree can produce up to 200 avocados (or 100 pounds of fruit) per season.
Avocado orchards serve as a natural fire break and can help firefighters slow or stop the rate of spread during wildfires.

And maybe the funnest (funnest?) fact of all: In the early days of his career, our VP Brand & Marketing worked with the California Avocado Commission. As he explains it, part of his job was dressing up like a giant avocado and attending public events. “I’m just grateful there weren’t any cell phones around back then. Maybe my career has come full circle, but I much prefer to eat avocados than to be one.” (Repeated requests for pictures were denied.)

What’s your favorite way to use avocados?