May 25, 2020

MIXT Makers: Ratto Bros.

Chard Filed

Rainbow chard doesn’t get enough credit. This beet relative is incredibly versatile with leaves that have a mildly sweet, earthy flavor, while the stalks have a sweeter beet-like taste. And we made sure not to let that versatility go to waste; this season you’ll find chard leaves in our mix mac & cheese + green chili chicken while we repurpose the stalks for our pickled spring vegetables.

But even more incredible is our sourcing partner, Ratto Bros. – a family owned and operated farm since its inception in Oakland in 1905. Apart from their fresh produce, their commitment to sustainability makes us honored to be their partner. With over 1,000 acres of farmland, they’re always looking to do things greener. Whether it’s their GPS technology that’s used to make their vehicles work as efficiently as possible (i.e. less fuel), to their on-site storage facility that’s powered by a 7-acre solar field. You’ll find them packaging their produce directly in the field to increase freshness and reduce travel miles and anything that doesn’t get used will be repurposed into their compost to supply nutrients back to the land. 

Ratto Bros. Farms are located in the Central Valley, while their headquarters is in Oakland. Learn more at

Ratto Bros. Farms - sourcing partner for lettuce.