January 29, 2020

What’s a Salad Valet™?


Launched in October 2019, MIXT introduced the world’s first Salad Valet™ to guests at its new location in Silver Lake. A cheeky take on curbside delivery, the Salad Valet (a.k.a., Salet™) will deliver orders to guests in their cars who pre-order online. Simply order with as little as 15-minutes of lead time via mixt.com or MIXT’s app, pull up outside the restaurant in a dedicated pick up zone, and get your fresh lunch or dinner delivered straight to you without leaving your car. Bonus: the Salet offers an optional spa mist for your face and a fresh, chilled piece of fruit to complete your wellness moment.

The Salet service is available at MIXT Silver Lake in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, AZ. Coming soon to a MIXT near you!