September 17, 2018

Eat to Your Own Beet // Nader

Everyone’s on an individual path to health-conscious eating. We followed professional photographer and outdoor adventurer, Nader Khouri, on his journey to discover his personal eating philosophy.  

“I took a Holistic Health class [in college] and read a book by Dr. Andrew Weil about how food can heal people as well as studied Buddhism. I became vegetarian because Buddhism made me aware of how eating meat caused suffering to animals and I was looking for a way to keep my cholesterol down since my father died of a heart attack in his early 40’s. The diet kept my cholesterol down, but although I ate three meals a day, I was losing weight and regularly had acne and colds.”
Nader’s journey took him into the world of paleo most recently.

“I tried [paleo] for two months and started seeing how much the diet put me in my most optimal health. Paleo isn’t the easiest diet to follow, so eating gluten-free while minimizing my intake of carbs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and dairy is a good compromise for my busy San Francisco lifestyle and I still feel great. Hearty salads with protein and vegetables that change seasonally is ideal for the way I like to eat. But I don’t have the time to think up new salad recipes! That’s why Mixt is perfect for me.

We got you, Nader.