September 18, 2018

Eat to Your Own Beet // Cayla

Meet Cayla. She’s an interior designer, a mom, and despite her sweet tooth, she has a serious list of food restrictions. Doctor’s orders.

“Growing up I always had achy stomach pains that would make me uncomfortable. Finally, as I got older I decided to go to the doctor and figure out what the issue was. A single blood test later and I find out I’m allergic to everything… no seriously, everything: wheat, soy, milk, rice, corn, coconut, peaches, peanuts…the list goes on.”

So, here’s Cayla face-to-face with a MIXT menu and this long list of food allergies. After a quick scan, she goes straight for this fall’s Lombard salad. It’s piled high with butter lettuce, applewood smoked bacon, and grilled broccoli among other twists and turns.

“I’ve learned to read my stomach. I still indulge in wheat and grains occasionally but I know when I’ve hit my limit. I crave fruits and vegetables, that’s also why I love salads and being able to customize them to fit my needs AND taste buds.”

At MIXT, Cayla has options that align perfectly with her diet, desires, and restrictions while leaving her feeling satisfied. No compromises. Just delicious. Doctor’s orders.