September 18, 2018

Eat to Your Own Beet // Ali

This fall, we’re taking a lesson from our friend, Ali Bonar, a businesswoman and intuitive eater. She has really powerful insight into eating what feels good and avoiding what doesn’t.

“I’d go out to dinner with my friends and automatically scan for the healthiest option on the menu, not once pausing to think, ‘what sounds good? What am I craving?’”

Intuitive eating is not a diet. Intuitive eating is not a 30-day plan that will help you shed inches. Intuitive eating means turning inward and listening to what your body is craving. You can read Ali’s three principles of intuitive eating on an earlier blog post.

Rather than aiming to impress our table mates by denying our desires and counting cals, Ali’s taught us to honor our body’s cravings. That could mean eating a healthy helping of greens, whole grains, fruits, and getting that rich dressing on the side. Or it could mean lathering those greens in saucey goodness and sprinkling a little bacon on top to satisfy our body’s needs.

Ali is hosting an event with @kalejunkie, @laurenshaffer and @balancebymolly on Healing Your Relationship with Food & Nourishing Your Body at MIXT Valencia in San Francisco on October 23rd. Get your tickets here before they sell out!