September 18, 2018

Autumn Feels

Fall is here, and in addition to reveling in all that makes autumn’s bounty delicious (think butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, Asian pears, and homemade spiced granola), we’re focused on making sure every single MIXT fan can find a path to delicious, better food. You’re sugar free? We’ve got you. You’re a dedicated paleo practitioner? We’ve got you. You’re trying to bump up a weight class and need to bulk up on all the protein, carbs, and calories you can get your hands on? Seriously, we’ve got you.Not to get carried away, but it’s humbling to know we are a go-to spot for people of all stripes who are striving to eat better. Whether you decide to keto-chop the carbs out of your diet or stick to your paleo roots, we’ve got the goods. Falling somewhere in between? Welcome home.

Check out our new autumn menu and discover how your foodie habits MIXT-match with us. Or, get inspired by how MIXT fans like Ali, Nader, and Cayla approach better ways of eating. How does #MIXTmatch your lifestyle? Show us @mixt.