June 25, 2018

MIXT Summer Menu!

Summer is FINALLY here, and with it comes one of our favorite things: Our summer menu! It’s better than ever and full of our favorite seasonal crops and foods – Corn, stone fruits, heirloom tomatoes, fresh cheeses and more! Read on to find out what we love the most from our summer line up, and why!We had to bring back the unanimous  favorite from last summer, Elote. Which is stacked with butter lettuce, grilled chicken, grilled corn, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, jicama, pumpkin seeds, scallions, cotija cheese, and topped with lime crema dressing + chili lime salt! Cotija Cheese? Oh yeah, this salty and flavorful cow milk cheese from Mexico is hard and crumbly making it perfect for topping salads and fruit! *Cue drool emoji*As temperatures climb, we’ve added the perfect seasonal sipper to help keep you cool – Pink Guava Lemonade! Thought to have originated in Mexico and Central America, this sweet treat tastes something like a magic strawberry, mango, and pear hybrid fruit! We recommend consuming frequently for a quick *mental* break to the tropics!

Nomad grain bowl makes a splash on our summer menu with a base of pearl couscous + wheat berries tossed with arugula, cabbage, grilled chicken, grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, avocado goddess dressing, topped with spiced yogurt and nigella seeds. FUN FACTS: Wheat berries are whole wheat kernels, before they’ve undergone any processing, which means they’re packed with fiber, protein, and iron! Avocado Goddess Dressing is believed to have been invented in 1923 in our hometown of San Francisco, at the still operational Palace Hotel. There have been many versions over the years, but they all have one thing in common: GREEN! Our twist on this classic is, of course, avocado based with added basil, scallions, lemon and toasted pumpkin seeds the give it a surprising texture and flavor! Our Market Plates – available at our Yerba Buena, Cow Hollow, and Mission locations – also got a crash course in summer and are boasting drool worthy sides, like grilled corn on the cob with chili lime butter + cotija cheese, grilled peaches with dukkah + balsamic reduction, zucchini + hemp seeds, and grilled corn succotash. Did we mention we’re obsessed with grilled corn in the summer?! Pair these tempting sides with our protein options, like herb roasted free range chicken, grilled flat iron steak, or Columbia River steelhead, and who needs a bbq? Your summer time foods needs are covered at MIXT! #ComeEatWithUs


Like all good things, MIXT Summer Menu must come to an end, but luckily you have until September to enjoy this fresh seasonal update. Check out our full summer menu here, and we hope to see you soon!