September 21, 2016



We like to think of the DYO salad as a form of self-expression. You are Picasso and our bowls are the canvas.

Envision — you’ve had a long morning at the office; the coffee machine is out; the intern won’t stop badgering you with questions; for whatever reason your computer is loading especially slow.

Allow the DYO salad or grain bowl to release your mind from the stuffy woes of office life. You get one lunch break to let loose and really let your colors fly as you tell us what to chop, dice, and mix up in your life. You can keep it conservative or you can go nuts. Whatever you chose, we wanna see what you got stirring up in that crazy head of yours.

Make a DYO salad, snap a pic of it, post it to Instagram and hashtag #bowlgoals. Our favorite combinations and photographs will be featured on the Mixt Winter Menu Newsletter in December. Who knows — this could be your big break in the culinary world.

Happy ‘gramming!