July 28, 2016

Meet Our Future Chefs


We’d like you to meet the future chefs of America and hopefully Good Food Guys. Mixt hosted a group of young, inquisitive and incredibly passionate aspiring foodies from the Tenderloin’s local YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. For those of you unfamiliar with the Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, this nonprofit organization works to bring positive change to at-risk youth in the Tenderloin and across the city. BGCSF provides high-quality programs that support youth to be “ready for life” at age 18. Despite certain challenges these kids face, they taught us a thing or two about what it means to share you passion and the power of knowledge.

We kicked things off with a knife skills demonstration, which much to our amazement, they knew all of the major cuts. How many kids do you know can tell the difference between a Julienne and Battonet? Clearly, their summer studies had well surpassed the basic food groups and they were ready to dive into some serious cooking.

With the line of Mixt ingredients to choose from, each student made their own creative combination and then presented it to our team. What did they learn? That healthy options and taste can live on the same plate. No sugar, no meat, no problem. No two salads were the same, and with a great big smile and prideful spirit, each student packed up their creations, ready to bring them back to their families and share the fruits of their learning.