April 22, 2016

Hey Foxy Farmer


We had a chance to sit down with Doug Classen from Nuenes Company, purveyor of Foxy Vegetables, to talk about their farm, food trends and what makes their organic spring asparagus so delicious. Doug shared with us a few words on why running a family business is so valuable and why sustainable farming practices are not only good for the earth but also it’s customers.

Mixt: Tell us a little bit about the history of Foxy Vegetables
Foxy: Foxy Vegetables is actually the label of the Neunes Company, a family run business dating back to the 1930’s. With four generation in the making, we have deep roots in the Salinas Valley where we produce an array of vegetables from lettuce to cauliflower to our seasonal asparagus we farm seasonally from early February to late June.

Mixt: One question we get a lot at Mixt is “why don’t you have that item on your menu year round”? What would you tell our customers about eating seasonally?
Foxy: Eating seasonally is important for a lot of reasons. Most ingredients do not grow year round which means when you eat them out of season they are either coming from far away which requires a lot of energy and resources to transport them or they are just not going to taste great because they are not at their peek growing time.

Mixt: Mixt Greens is a family run business, similar to Neunes Company. Can you tell us what it means to run a family operation and why you think it can be highly valuable?
Foxy: Similar to Mixt, at Neunes Company, we treat our employees like family and that allows anyone to talk to anyone and share a core value system. It creates a culture of like-minded people who believe in being good stewards of the ground.  It’s not only a business, we believe it is the right thing to do for ourselves and our customers to maintain the earth for our future generations.